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Mike Flex


Mike Flex

Mike Flex 6-23-1980 (Previous Name then: Chris Barutcievich)

This is my Student ID Picture when I started Electronics School at Penn Technical Institute in Pittsburgh in 1980, just after graduating from Rochester High School, Rochester, Pennsylvania.  Rochester is 30 miles North West of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


I changed my name to:

Michael Flex on April 18, 1988 - Because no one could pronounce or spell my name and I was about to become a Sergeant in the United States Air Force.


I'm American, Italian, Swedish, German, Irish, and Macedonian.  The first place that I saw the name Flex while I was looking for a new name was:  Flex Shampoo in the Military Commissary that I worked at.  After that I saw this name just about everywhere.  I found out after I changed my name that the name Flex is Italian and it wasn't shortened.  There are many people in Italy and the United States with this last name.

I got my website name from the Rottweiler Dog Breed.


Secret Music Videos -

One good song after another.

I've never found this many good songs at one time before.

The best thing I've found in 2020.

Click Here.

The first 2 songs have great trumpet parts.

I change this Play List occasionally, so Clicking above again will have my updated Play List.

Cast to your TV or play in your car, or listen with headphones. works good.

Words are above the comments of the videos on a lot of them.

Mondly App will teach you Croatian.

The music videos are really good.

I just found this music on 8-20-2020.


I just found 2 Great Apps on my phone.
I think I like the first one Best:

1. Radio Garden
2. Garden Radio

It shows all FM Radio Stations on the Earth as seeds in a garden. Move the globe map around, have the circle stop on a green dot City. It tunes instantly to that station in high quality. Find out what people are listening to now around the world, and it shows what time it is there. Hook your phone up to your sound system or car speakers. Totally Awesome!!!


Here's a video song by Earl Bynum and The Mount Unity Choir from Chesapeake, Virginia, USA called "Days Of Elijah" on Television Show "Your Appointed Time" that I like. My dog had to bark once during me recording this.

- Click Here


Give $58 a month for a year to your church, with expectation for a DESIRED HARVEST to PROVE GOD IS REAL. This AMOUNT is a POWERFUL small gift. Watch CAMPMEETING now for more information.

Click Here

Give to

- Click Here


I go to First Church Fayetteville.

Love God. Love People. Change the World.

- Click Here


My Other BLOG

Click Here


The Bible in Matthew 18 - 3 states:

And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

You can learn a lot from the PBSKids Link below and it has a lot of adventures and great songs.

PBSKids Link:

Click Link on previous line and hover over the circles at the botttom of the screen. One of the circles at the bottom of the screen is captioned "Elinor Wonders Why". Left click on it. Start with this Cartoon Video. Elinor's favorite line is "That Is So Interesting". Elinor is a rabbit, and her friends are an elephant named Olive, and a bat named Ari, their teacher is a mole named Miss Mole and she talks with her eyes closed. Her Mom is a forest ranger. I think her dad is in between jobs. They teach you things, that you probably don't know about. It's a really great show.

On IMDB, it tells all about the show, and shows pictures of the actors that do the voices - Click Here


Fiskars Dandelion Weeders - Click Here


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